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About ShadyThemes

ShadyThemes is a group for hire. We build shady websites using shady tools to fulfill whatever shady purpose our shady clients has in their shady minds.

Our name and introduction paragraph may sounds like a suspicious joke, but please forgive us for that. None of our staff member has decent literary skill to make proper sales talk. But we confident that we could complete most tasks our clients gave us. So please don't be shy and call us if you need some serious web designing.

We currently only do designs for HTML5 Templates and WordPress. Other CMS will have to wait for now.

What We Do

We Build Your Original Themes

So you have drawn some epic original design in PSD format or something familiar, but you don't want to deal with the hassles that comes when turning those designs into full-fledged web design?

No worries! We will do it for you.

Create Original Themes

We Build Not-so-original Themes For You

"That website has cool design, but I don't think they're selling the template. Can you make me something like that?"

- Anonymous -

You've come at the right place! As long as we could observe the design visually, then we most likely can make something similar... err, at least visually.

The insides usually ends up differently, but we'll try to keep things neat so casual users could still use the design with ease.

Create Not-So-Original Themes

We Help You Renovate Your Website

So your website is already up and running, but you want to add some feature or simply want to do little renovation to your design?

We can do that too!

We'll make your already cool design way shadier cooler than before!

One thing to note is that we don't do other developer's premium products. We believe that a good developer shouldn't be meddling with another developer's premium product. Please ask for support from the premium product's creators for such task.

Pimp Your Site


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