“You’re late,” Yukinoshita said, snatching the ‘Yasai Seikatsu’ from my hands. She poked a straw in it and started drinking. All that was left was the ‘Sportop’ and ‘Otoko no Café au Lait.’

It seemed like Yuigahama realized who the ‘Otoko no Café au Lait’ was for.

“… Oh right,” she said, pulling a hundred yen coin out of a pocket-like coin purse.

“Ah, don’t worry about it.”

I mean, Yukinoshita didn’t pay me back, and above all, I bought them of my own volition. Even though it might have been reasonable to accept money from Yukinoshita, I was not obliged to accept money from Yuigahama. So instead of taking the hundred yen coin she held out, I placed the Café au Lait in her hand.

“B-But I haven’t paid you back!” Yuigahama adamantly attempted to hand me the coin. It would have been annoying to argue back and forth about her paying me back so I just walked over to my seat closer to Yukinoshita.

Yuigahama appeared slightly miffed as she reluctantly put away her change.

“… Thanks.” She expressed her gratitude in a small voice, laughing a little happily as she shyly held the Café au Lait in both hands.

That was most certainly the most gratitude I’ve ever received in my entire life. She had probably overpaid me with that smiling face for what was worth only a hundred yen.

“Have you finished your chat?” Satisfied, I attempted to get Yukinoshita to show me some appreciation as well.

“Yes. As a result of your absence, our conversation went along swimmingly. Thanks.”

That was most certainly the least gratitude I’ve ever received in my entire life.

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